Orbital Camera
An advanced first/third person camera


Linear Algebra C#

Software Used

Unity Rider


I built this camera as part of a personal project about third-person shooter.

I needed a camera that was robust, simple and with a result that AAA games deliver.

From there, I started to produce the orbital camera, as the name itself says, it is a camera that orbits a target, it uses the polar coordinate system, having rotation and inclination.

Today this asset is published in the Unity Asset Store.



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How to use?

 1    usingUnityEngine;
 3    public classSimpleCameraController:MonoBehaviour
 4    {
 5       [SerializeField]privateRSS.OrbitalCamera_orbitalCamera;
 7       private voidLateUpdate()
 8       {
 9         floath=Input.GetAxisRaw("Mouse X");
10         floatv=Input.GetAxisRaw("Mouse Y");
12         _orbitalCamera.UpdateCamera(h, v);
13       }
14    }