Radar Assemble
Traffic Radar Assemble in VR


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Software Used

Unity JetBrains Rider Jira Steam


This game is a highly detailed mechanical traffic radar simulator that instructs you to assemble the radar for your team. This simulation is fully playable in virtual reality on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.


Gameplay Video


Img 01

Radar Case

Img 02

Assembly Table

Img 03

Panel Assembly Section

Img 04

Visor Assembly Section

Img 05

LED Assembly Section

Img 06

Power Supply Assembly Section

Img 07

Camera Assembly Section

Img 08

Filter Assembly Section

Img 09

Instruction Manual

Img 10

Tools Section

Img 11

Assembly Table

Img 12

Mounted Radar Example

Img 13


Img 14

Restart Simulation Button